MBA - Master Business Administration

MBA - Master Business Administration

General premise

Economic growth alone is not enough. Growth without equity, without social inclusion, will not reduce poverty and desperation. Equity has an instrumental logic (e.g. redistribution can make growth easier and poverty reduction faster) but also has intrinsic value in a fair global society.

Economic growth is a means, not the goal, of development. It can also be instrumental for the realization of human rights. However economic growth and social cohesion must be achieved in a consistent manner with human rights principles.

Certain economic, politic, social and cultural rights may be realized only progressively, over time, due to legitimate resource constraints. Since these resources are needed to realize these particular rights, their speedy realization depends on softening the resource constraint, which in turn requires economic growth. A faster rate of growth can also help ease the pain of making unavoidable trade-offs, by increasing available resources.

lt must be understood, however, that ensuring faster growth is one thing and harnessing its potential for the cause of human rights is another. For economic growth to lead to the realization of human rights, any growth strategy must be part of a comprehensive set of policies and institutions consciously designed to convert resources into rights, or as in our case (these courses) into awareness and competences to bridge the gap and to help ensure that economic growth is translated into the wider enjoyment of human rights for all. We're serious about teaching. We value teaching excellence and understand how central it is to students’ learning and progress, thanks to a qualified and prestigious faculty in which they will meet UN experts too. They will be exposed to the latest discoveries in the chosen subject area and their tutors will share their research in their teaching. So their learning is shaped by current ideas and expertise. We'll continually challenge them to explore, question and discover, and to be an active partner in their own learning.....

Therefore these are the main target of this programme: facilitating the establishment of temporary/permanent mechanisms for dialogue and engagement at national and local level on development processes; supporting capacity to effectively participate in development processes, particularly important in the case of the BRI (Belt Road Initiative); supporting the wide availability and accessibility of information on development policies and programmes by using innovative platforms, all media and digital tools, supporting the collection and the dissemination of disaggregated data; facilitating dialogue and debate on development issues. Greater access to information will enable better and faster participation of many stakeholders in the development process; furthermore, students will discover their intellectual dynamism, because particularly in our Ph.D. programme will give them the close supervision to build their personal knowledge, alongside the freedom to undertake independent research. Students will live within a unique institution in which they will be part of a vibrant and growing set of international scholars, who are committed to understand the intertwining of politic sciences and economics, applying those insights to solve local and national problems in the huge environment of the BRI.

The UNIPACE MBA is an intensive blended programme tailored for high-performing professionals who want to further improve their careers and their work profiles.

Following a competitive selection process, this MBA delivers a one-year long condensed learning experience through teamwork, personalized feedback, coaching, and curated readings, to take fast-tracked leaders to a higher level.

UNIPACE MBA equips to meet the challenges in an increasingly competitive and often inhuman global market. We focus on global leadership and shared responsibilities for equitable and sustainable business. We help students to become the more reflective leaders. We challenge students by taking them out of your comfort zone, while providing the resources and support required for personal growth. Our ambition is to help them define what makes them successful. As more reflective leader, they will embrace challenges differently, focusing not only on personal growth, but on the growth of those around them as well, by developing their critical thinking with one-to-one and group coaching, and mentoring sessions.

Key programme benefits: master management skills in highly diversified business, social and political environments; develop the mindset of an entrepreneur (be creative, take risks and manage the unknown with confidence); become a more reflective, self-aware and strategic member of a general management team; develop yourself, your organization and your career path. With one coach for every ten students, we are able to closely follow our students in their activities and in their work.

UNIPACE delivers the programme via in-person classes, integrated with its highly innovative platform, which enables access to a wide variety of online content as video lessons, curated resources, videos, streamings, articles, and books.

The MBA is configured as a “workshop programme”, designed to empower the creative and analytical skills of the participants and is designed and built to form ‘responsive professional figures’ that will acquire an organic and up-to-date view of the activities of managers operating today; the disciplined contributions have been selected and revised in high usability perspective, as well as the awesome case history, in which the protagonists are going to tell successful professional stories that are rooting in a period of severe economic crisis.

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Prof. Giuliano Luongo
Prof. Giuliano Luongo

Professor of Sustainability Sciences

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